Employee Profile: Sandro Wehrli

Feb 05, 2015

For Sandro Wehrli, Concept2 runs in the family. The official Concept2 distributor of Switzerland, Concept2 Schweiz, was started by his mother and has since become a subsidiary of Concept2. Today, Sandro still works alongside his family and is responsible for managing the Swiss and Austrian markets and approximately 10 Concept2 resellers worldwide. There will be a change come April, when Sandro plans to move on and pursue other ventures. We thank Sandro for his many years with us.

So, how is it sharing an office with family? “It’s always very special to work with my mom and dad. The good thing is that not much has to be spoken—there is a very deep confidence and trust. I like it very much, and I have always admired my mom for her success in the job and as a person,” Sandro says.

A typical day for Sandro starts in the quiet early hours when he can focus on domestic work like order processing. After lunch, “when the USA is awake,” it’s time to take care of international work. “Having direct contact with people of different origins and languages is my favorite part of the job,” he says.

Outside of work, Sandro stays active playing soccer when he can, which he has played avidly his whole life. “I’ve started running more often and of course rowing on our fantastic rowing machine,” he says.

Concept2 Schweiz is based in Zurich, Switzerland, where Sandro lives with his wife and two kids.

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