Employee Profile: Natali von Zmuda

Nov 13, 2015

“I have always loved doing sports; not just getting fit, but also being together with others and sharing my knowledge with them,” says Natali von Zmuda, a member of the Concept2 Germany team since 2006. “Before I started at Concept2 I used to work as a trainer and was responsible for managing three fitness studios here in Hamburg.”

Natali's work at Concept2 is as varied as her educational background. A carpenter and certified fitness expert by trade, Natali works on marketing, equipment rentals and communications. When asked what she enjoys about her work, she replies, “No two days are ever the same. I also love the fact that we really work hand in hand as a team here in Hamburg.”

Natali loves to spend her free time with her family. Her two kids Fabian (11) and Sonja (13) are both avid kickboxers and—it goes without saying—rowers. Fabian also loves to play soccer and both kids heavily rely on what Natali calls “Mom's Taxi” to get from point A to point B.

In spite of all these demands, Natali still finds some time to pursue her own interests: she loves to jog, do functional fitness at her local fitness studio, and Salsa dance with her husband Markus. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” says Natali, “We have a little weekend house as well. You'll often find me there working in the garden.”

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