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Employee Profile: Anke Hochleutner

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Sep 03, 2019

Anke Hochleutner has been in the Concept2 Germany office since 2013 and is instrumental in keeping the office running day to day. She’s involved in many aspects of the daily business including customer service and finance, and heads up the indoor rower rental program.

Anke’s previous work experience had been in retail, so when she came to Concept2 she was a newbie to rowing. “I saw Concept2 machines in different gyms but had no experience. The trust placed in me made me feel great—you don’t find that everywhere.”

By all accounts, the trust Anke speaks of was no problem to bestow. Office manager Martin Stridde says, "When Anke started working for Concept2, she did not have much experience with our business, but I was impressed with how she dug into her work and educated herself. Whether it was a rowing- or finance-related task, she figured it all out. And she still does: if there is something new to learn, she’ll figure it all out very quickly."

Anke gets great satisfaction when she can make a customer happy, and feels that it’s easy to do because of her belief in the products and the enjoyment she finds in her work. “The team spirit is unbeatable—I have fun at my work every day,” she says. Keeping fit in both body and mind is part of life’s equation for Anke, and sport in any form helps her achieve that balance. She is passionate about horses and the outdoors, and enjoys time in her garden or on the Baltic Sea beach where her parents live.

Anke lives with her son Marco, daughter Lucienne and two cats in Ahrensburg, a short distance from the Hamburg office. Her son, Marco, works as a computer science technician.

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