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Employee Profile: Angela Staeck

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Aug 19, 2016

When Angela Staeck started at Concept2 Germany in 2006 her first thought was, "Who needs something like that?" Until then, Angela had never heard that much about rowing. "Looking back, I really have to smile about it, but at the time I had no idea that something like a rowing machine existed, let alone that a company could make money selling them."

Angela began her career at Concept2 Germany in the shipping department, mailing out brochures and packaging up parts. She had spent the previous four years as a stay at home mom and thinks that her role at Concept2 "was a perfect way of getting back into the labor market." Angela had previously worked as an administrative specialist in the financial department of the German Civil Service.

When asked what she likes most about Concept2, Angela says, "I love that we work together as a team and that we all help each other out. I also love the fact that we are a sports company. I did a lot of sport when I was younger—pentathlon and a lot of canoe trips with my father."

Nowadays, the mother of three—Tristan (15), Philipp (12) and Freya (9)—not only loves doing sport herself, but she cycles a lot with her partner Axel and the children. Angela started playing the saxophone just a couple of years ago but her greatest passion, apart from her kids, is horses. "I love spending time with my horse, Lezard. It doesn't matter if I'm riding or just spending time with him. It's always something special for me, especially because I raised Lezard myself."

Angela works four days a week at Concept2 Germany and is responsible for Sales and Customer Service. "Yes, how lucky am I? I love my job." And, judging by the look on Angela’s face, she really means it.

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