Don’t row like my brother

Jun 01, 2010

Ray and Meredith fire up the ergs

Click and Clack, the wise-guy super duo of National Public Radio’s (NPR) popular show Car Talk teamed up with Community Rowing Inc. (CRI) on Sunday for a Spring Regatta in support of Boston’s local NPR station, WBUR. 

Wait, the Car Talk guys row? Well, not exactly!  That was what this event was about: getting folks to try rowing. Although Ray Magliozzi mentioned that he uses the indoor rower at his local gym. Cool!

I’m a big fan of the show. I even got my wacky Uncle Larry on it once. See, his whole family is over six feet tall (yes, one of them is a rower and now coaches at Liberty University) and he had car questions after the limo he bought off eBay (which was previously owned by a Russian diplomat) caught on fire on his way to a family wedding. Perfect Car Talk material, no? But I digress…

We were excited to get Tom and Ray rowing, along with Bill Littlefield and the Only a Game staff. I even had my show credit name picked out:  Rose Dior (get it?). But what better way to get them psyched up to row than to pimp out an erg as a hot rod!

The indoor rower was a big hit, and a big shout out goes to our friends at Great Big Graphics for their superb creative work on this project. We’ve heard from customers who decorate, paint, and design special indoor rowers for fundraisers and other events. Contact your local sign or auto paint store for professional help, or if you’re interested in trying this yourself get some paint and cardboard and be creative!

Back to the event…after a 10-minute crash-and-burn (pun intended) lesson on the ergs, the WBUR staff headed to the docks. Only a Game smack-talked Car Talk into a race (or was it the other way around?); mind you, this was in learn-to-row barges, so nobody was moving very fast! Car Talk returned to the boathouse victorious, although Only a Game will be quick to point out that they had four fewer rowers and a few lightweights in their barge. I think this can only mean one thing:  rematch 2011!

The pimped out erg is currently living at the Car Talk offices of “Dewey Cheetham & Howe” in Harvard Square, Cambridge “Our Fair City”, Massachusetts. Keep listening and support your local NPR station…we’re waiting for the day they say “don’t row like my brother”!

Over 500 folks joined us for this spectacular event and kudos to Community Rowing coaching and staff for introducing rowing to so many people in only four hours! If you want to try rowing and were unable to get to this event, check out Learn to Row Day on June 5, 2010. There may be a boathouse participating near you!

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