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Demand for Concept2 Equipment in a Pandemic

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Sep 01, 2020

The closing of gyms nationwide has left many people scrambling to find equipment they can use at home. Concept2 is proud to offer commercial-grade cardiovascular fitness equipment at an affordable price that is suitable for home gyms.

As many places have reported, even simple at home gym equipment like barbells and weights are now hard to come by. Here at Concept2, we are producing RowErgs, SkiErgs and BikeErgs out of Morrisville, Vermont, as safely and quickly as possible. However, we were closed for 6 weeks when the pandemic hit Vermont, which has put us in a backlog situation. We now manage a wait list for customers and fulfill orders on a first-come first-served basis.

Demand has increased as gyms have closed. It seems like more and more people are realizing they will be working out at home for the time being, instead of at the gym. On our wait list, we continue to adjust the projected wait time as these types of buying decisions inform our wait time estimates. Members of our wait list receive weekly updates to help anticipate when products will be available for them to purchase (join our wait list here).

We greatly appreciate customers’ patience in these trying times. Despite the increased demand for our products, we have maintained our reliable and fair year-round pricing. Authorized resellers Rogue Fitness and Amazon have also helped us fulfill orders to our customers. True to a free market economy, there are other individuals and marketplace sellers reselling new and used Concept2 products (often at extraordinarily high prices). Our customers can rest assured that Concept2 will continue to offer our standard retail pricing. We will never price gouge! And when your name comes up on our wait list, there will be inventory available.

Our staff continues to shift their responsibilities to best help our customers. We appreciate the patience of our eager customers looking to row, ski and ride again soon.

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