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Dec-OAR-ative Ideas

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Nov 15, 2018

Concept2 only sells new oars for sweep and scull. But old oars? Old oars can be re-purposed in many different and useful ways!

While we’re happy to service oars as old as the original ones we made back in 1976, sometimes it is time to retire a set. Carbon fiber can crack, shafts may break on impact, or repairs can become too costly.

Many rowing clubs and teams auction, raffle or sell old oars as a fundraiser. Even a broken oar has value as a decorative (ahem, dec-OAR-ative) piece on a wall or coffee table. It doesn’t need to be an antique or wooden oar to look cool. Here are a few of our favorite uses for old oars.

Office Wall Art

Office Ceiling Art: Concept2 sweep oars with a Western red cedar and inlaid mother-of-pearl ocean canoe paddle combine to make a unique talking piece.

Here at Concept2, our offices repurpose oar parts throughout our facilities:

Oar Shaft Flag Poles.

Visitor Parking Sign.

Restroom Sign

Blades signed by Great Eight athletes in our conference room.

To create oar art

  • Look for imperfections. Damaged oars and blades have character. They can make great awards for coaches and parents.
  • Be safe! Check for rough and sharp edges. Sand down anything that may be dangerous.
  • Depending on the age of your oar, you may want to strip the oar of anything that can be reused. Collars, CLAMs and adjustable grips can be useful backups in your boathouse.
  • Consider all parts of the oar. Blades often look great on their own. You can cut them off the shaft with a handsaw. Shafts can be useful “poles” or “stakes.” You can use them in a garden, as fencing, or for table legs. Even curtain rods!
  • Blades can be painted or wrapped with vinyl. Create your own design or use the design of your favorite team.
  • Be creative in your mounting options. Wide hooks (we like this one, but bike storage hooks also can work) can help you mount shafts. Blades can be set on a tabletop (or wall) with plate hangers.
  • Remember that the balance point on the shaft may not be in the middle; experiment with the angles that you want to hang.

Be creative! From lighting to signage, oars can be used in a lot of ways. Repurposing oars helps keep carbon out of landfills and adds an athletic touch to your style.

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