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Custom Oars for Para Athletes

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Apr 26, 2019

Concept2 builds custom oars to every athlete’s specifications. For para athletes, this customization can be even more important as it allows for increased opportunity and accessibility.

We've been working with the Para Rowing Foundation to help provide equipment for para athletes who are training and racing at an elite level. The Para Rowing Foundation was established to support the development of the great sport of para rowing by offering elite training opportunities exclusively for para athletes. By allowing the Foundation to manage the details of finances, coaching, equipment and transportation, the athletes can focus on their job: training.

This spring, Para Rowing Foundation athletes completed five days of training in Portugal. The 31k of flat water and sunshine made for great conditions as the athletes took to the water in customized equipment that best enhanced each athletes’ abilities. “The rowers made remarkable strides in technique and speed, and learned how to support success off the water as well,” remarked Beth Noll, a multi-year US National Team Para Coach.

Para Rowing Foundation’s mission is to identify obstacles, maximize potential and promote performance of para rowers. Marilyn Koblan, one of the founders, shares the premise: “Through opportunity and accessibility, the pool of para rowers ready for competition will grow. This can only be great for the sport. Offering opportunity makes great competitors.”

Grants and other support is available for para athletes from any nation—feel free to contact the Para Rowing Foundation for opportunities. Concept2 is happy to work with para athletes to customize oar specs to fit your needs.

Photography by Antonio Azevedo

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