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Concept2 Compatible Apps: Try WODProof

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Jan 18, 2021

There are many ways that technology can add variety to your routine. In addition to our free app, ErgData, there are a number of apps that connect with the Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) via Bluetooth and ANT+. (If you have a PM2, PM3 or PM4, there still are a few options to consider which may require a cable or other additional device. The PM5 can also be retrofitted to all models.)

While these apps are not developed, serviced or supported by Concept2, we’re excited to share these details because we know that the features and functions interest athletes of all abilities. We will continue to share our favorites via social media, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

WODProof is a free app for iOS and Android devices that allows athletes to record workouts, review training, and compete with athletes worldwide. After five years in the functional fitness world, WODProof is now inviting the indoor rowing community to join and achieve more from every training session.

Users who subscribe to the WODproof PRO package can connect their Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) with WODProof and record their performance with real-time data overlaid. Broadcast your performance in real-time to WODProof App to learn how technique and body language affect performance. You can then send videos to a coach, or analyze them yourself, to maximize improvement.

PRO users can also create and join teams to connect with other team members, share workouts, and get feedback from their coach. Stay connected by sharing your performances with your team and communicate via the team’s chat.

How it works:

  1. Connect WODProof to your PM5 monitor.
  2. Place your phone in a location to get the best angle to analyze your technique and form.
  3. Set one of the WODProof timers OR Erg Only Mode ON and start rowing.
  4. The data will be streamed live from your PM5 to the app with no latency, so you can see exactly how every pull affects your execution.

Marcus Filly, four time CrossFit Games athlete says, “Back when I was competing in fitness, one of the most important things that WODProof allowed me to do is to take videos of my workouts and review them very closely. Becoming a student of fitness was something that set me apart from all of my competitors. The Concept2 integration blew me away. I can now review my paces and review my performances of every workout with any of the Concept2 Ergs like never before.”


  • Record your performance with real-time data from your PM5 overlaid.
  • Create and join teams.
  • Share videos with the community.
  • Get likes and comments from your community members.
  • Share workouts and videos with your coach remotely.
  • Record your performance with real-time heart rate monitoring by connecting Bluetooth HR monitors.
  • Communicate with team members via the team’s chat.
  • Save your scores to your training log automatically.
  • Search past performances and scores in your training log.
  • Search for other community members’ videos via the workout search engine (eg. search “2k row”).
  • Access to the 12 Week “Rowing Expert” program by Anna Muehle.
  • Side by side video comparison.
  • Set personal goals and reminders.

The “Erg Only Mode” is a new timer that replaces the WODProof timer with the time from your Concept2 PM5 monitor. Your can see the time on the video exactly as it is on the PM5, including to a tenth of a second.

Learn about these other Concept2-compatible apps:

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