The Black Model D

Oct 08, 2012

This summer we began offering our Model D Indoor Rower in black and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We are finding that health clubs, CrossFit boxes, every branch of the military, as well as many individuals, are rowing away with the black Model Ds. The black rowing machine fits in well with the color scheme of many health clubs—especially in the industrial no-frills atmosphere of many CrossFit gyms—and nicely complements our entire product line of indoor rowers and the SkiErg. The Model D is also available in light gray—the same light gray as the Model E, Dynamic Indoor Rower and the SkiErg.

Personal trainer Bob Harper of the television series The Biggest Loser takes strokes on his new black Model D Indoor Rower.

Currently, there are no plans to expand the color choices to our other products like the Model E, Dynamic or the SkiErg, and while the Model D is no longer available in light blue, light blue spare parts are still available for purchase. Regardless of which color (or product) you choose, you’ll get a superior workout from a machine that’s built to last a lifetime!

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