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The BikeErg Million Meter Club is Open

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Nov 17, 2017

It was a pleasant surprise for us to hear that someone had already completed a million meters on the BikeErg. We welcome our first official inductee into the BikeErg Million Meter Club: Steven Dowd.

Steven is a veteran in our Million Meter Clubs; he’s already earned that distinction on both the indoor rower and the SkiErg. This is an especially impressive accomplishment considering he only started recording his meters this year! After a year of using Concept2 ergs—row, ski, and now bike—Steven learned there were prizes, challenges, and honor boards at He started to rank his best workouts to see how he compared against others in his age group. These tools provided him with just a little more motivation in his workouts.

Steven averages over 27k per day in his home gym where he owns a Model D, SkiErg and BikeErg. He finished his millionth BikeErg meter on October 31. He’s retired, so that gives him lots of time to exercise.

Steven’s fitness background includes distance running, sculling, and cycling. Now, at the age of 60, he finds the BikeErg a safe alternative to cycling outdoors. “I used to cycle a lot and enjoyed century rides. However, at my age, I find cycling on the roads very dangerous, especially here in Alabama.” he explains.

The BikeErg has been a great fit for Steven’s training. “Just like the indoor rower, it is a combination strength and endurance machine. The flywheel is key; the more you put into it, the more it pushes back. It’s just a great machine all around, whether you want to sprint or try long rides.”

Steven is well on his way to two million meters (and beyond). He’s planning on joining the Crazy Bear challenge on Facebook. The challenge, hosted by rowers in the United Kingdom, is to row or ski (both on Concept2 equipment) 30 half marathons (21,097m) in 44 days. This will take Steven away from the BikeErg for a bit, but no worries. He’s looking to complete a 100k BikeErg workout by the end of the year.

We’re always impressed with the dedication of Million Meter Club athletes and are excited to recognize these achievements. Steven has the unique distinction of pioneering the BikeErg Million Meter Club. We look forward to adding more members!

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