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BikeErg Group Classes

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Dec 12, 2018

At this year’s USRowing Annual Convention, Concept2 employee Cady Hart-Petterssen led participants through group BikeErg and RowErg workouts. These early morning classes helped participants prepare for long days of training and technique presentations with hands-on instruction through invigorating workouts set to popular music.

While many rowing clubs and teams use Concept2 RowErgs to train for on-water rowing, all of our indoor equipment can be used by anyone for general fitness and conditioning. Group fitness classes using Concept2 ergs are popular in boutique fitness chains and gyms. Group classes emphasize fun! Concept2 ergs are suitable for all levels of athletes, making it the perfect choice for a group with diverse skills.

Cady’s “sold out” (free) classes challenged participants to produce power and change intensity. On the BikeErg, high cadence and high drag factors pushed athletes to high heart rates. “Hills” and high gears are replicated on the BikeErg for workouts both sitting and standing. In classes using both the BikeErg and RowErg, partners swapped back and forth between machines on each song to keep the workout varied. With PM5s on each erg, it was easy to compare efforts.

On Sunday, Cady spun back the clock to some 90s tunes for an endurance ride on the BikeErg. Those counting up their Holiday Challenge meters were able to rack up 20,000 meters or more!

The BikeErg is becoming a popular option among USRowing members. Rowing coaches report that one of their favorite uses of the BikeErg is to keep their injured athletes integrated with teammates in workouts. The PM5 offers opportunities to progress in their training while healing. The BikeErg isn’t just for rehabilitation, however. It also provides great cross-training opportunities as a great workout by itself.

“The work done on the BikeErg is your true work and that is what I love about the machine. Whether you are a participant or the instructor, you can’t hide your effort. You cannot fake an increase in intensity,” explains Cady of what she loves best about teaching these 45-minute classes.

Through all the sweat, participants left with smiling faces. Group fitness classes provide a great way to engage athletes in an invigorating and motivating workout.

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