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Back by Popular Demand: The SkiErg Performance Series

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Apr 29, 2016

After a one-year absence, the SkiErg Performance Series will return with the start of the new Online Logbook season on May 1, 2016. We’re excited to bring back this series of events, which is designed to help you benchmark your training progress and see how you compare to other participants around the world.

The SkiErg Performance Series spans what skiers call “the dryland training season”, starting in May when skiers get back to serious training, and continuing every second month through November when races begin on snow.

As with the indoor rower for rowers, the SkiErg offers skiers a training tool that is ski-specific, controlled and comparable. The Performance Monitor allows scores to be compared from one machine to another, at any altitude, in any conditions, because it self-calibrates to take ambient conditions into account.

For competitive skiers, training on the SkiErg is not exactly like skiing on snow, but it is a good approximation. It can be safer than roller-skiing and more convenient—you can do it when it’s too dark outside or the weather is nasty. And it’s one of few consistent, measurable training tools available to skiers.

The first round of testing for 2016 will kick off on May 1. Testing may be performed at any time during the month and submitted to the Concept2 website via the free Online Logbook. Test distances are as follows: 30 seconds, 1000m, 2000m, 5000m, all chosen to simulate speed, power, sprint, and distance races.

Skiers and coaches worldwide are encouraged to submit scores for all or any of the test distances in each of the four test periods so progress can be monitored. Visit our SkiErg Performance Series page for complete details including how to submit scores to the Online Logbook.

Results will be posted and archived on the Concept2 Logbook, so that coaches and athletes may refer back to historical data.

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