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8 Helpful Items for your Concept2 Gym Bag

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Oct 26, 2018

Whether you row, ski or ride, there are a few things we recommend to stash in your gym bag other than the usual workout outfit and toiletries. Here’s a few of our favorites:

  1. First, you need a gym bag for all your Concept2 workout gear. We provide free prizes for members of our Million Meter Club. When you reach 20 million meters, we will ship you a free Concept2 gym bag! (For most of us, this is a long term goal.) You can start earning toward prizes—just record every meter you row.
  2. If you’re planning on rowing or riding at the gym, remember to pack close-fitting clothing. Long shirts can get stuck in seat rollers on the indoor rower and be in the way on the BikeErg. We sell rowing shorts for those who like a little lining and coverage on their legs. Cyclists may want to wear bike shorts with padding.
  3. Choose shoes that you like for rowing, skiing or riding. For rowing, see our discussion on considering low profile sneakers instead of cushioned running shoes. The BikeErg fits most standard bike parts, so you may want to pack pedals, a pedal wrench and clipless shoes, if you prefer your own.
  4. We've designed our seat pad for most athletes, but some prefer a little cushion. For a little extra comfort while rowing, try the Concept2 seat pad. We don’t recommend gloves for rowing or skiing, but some customers also like to bring weight-lifting gloves to protect their hands.
  5. Keep hydrated with a water bottle. Our water bottle holder for the BikeErg attaches easily with a quick release mount. Great for long rides!
  6. For heart rate training, pack your favorite chest strap to sync to the PM4 (ANT+ technology) or PM5 (Bluetooth and ANT+ technology).
  7. Our smartphone cradle helps you watch data during workouts and then sync results to the Concept2 Online Logbook with the free app, ErgData. (If you’re putting in long meters, it’s a nice way to perch your phone while watching entertainment, too!) To connect to a PM3 or PM4, bring your iOS or Android cable. Remember to have your phone along, too, ready and charged.
  8. Decorate your gym bag with a little Concept2 pride. We give free pins for athletes who complete our Holiday Challenge each year and for those who finish a marathon. Bling!
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