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2019 SkiErg Sprints Results Round-Up

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Nov 15, 2019

The SkiErg World Sprints took place November 7–10. Over 2000 people from 45 countries competed in our 1000m virtual festival of the SkiErg and posted their results to the Concept2 Online Logbook.

The SkiErg World Sprints is an annual virtual race that allows you to compare your time against others worldwide in a four day showdown of SkiErg speed. There are age categories from 12 and under to 80+ as well as adaptive classes, so this event really is for everyone! This year, there were some very impressive performances and a few world records. Of particular note is a new world record by James Hall. His performance is one for the books—he took the Sprints to a new level with a time of 2:45.1.

James Hall's monitor with his world record time.

James says, "I'm really pleased with my time. I did a load of base work in the summer and followed up with some power and strength work towards the race. I bought my own SkiErg in 2017 after retiring from professional rugby due to a knee injury. It's a great low impact, full-body workout like no other."

Age group winners and top times in each adaptive category will each receive the coveted engraved cowbell to recognize their achievement. Congratulations, and thank you, to all who participated.

Age Group Winners


  • 12 & under: Gerda Kivil (EST), 4:19.8 WORLD RECORD!
  • 13–18: Dixie Flesher (USA), 3:44.2
  • 19–29: Kate Hilliard (AUS) 3:24.0
  • 30–39: Crystal Fisher (USA), 3:30.9
  • 40–49: Sandra Eloranta (SWE), 3:38.0
  • 50–59: Tina Perna (USA), 4:02.3
  • 60–69: Ellen Pazdzior (CAN), 4:10.8
  • 70–79 Trina Hosmer (USA), 4:43.6
  • 80+ Muriel Zimmerman (USA), 6:27.0

Adaptive Women Seated

  • Ashley Cooperheath (USA), 6:20.2

Adaptive Women Standing

  • Nuria Amaya Potrony (ESP), 5:45.6


  • 12 & under: Archie T. (AUS), 4:30.2
  • 13–18: Owen Williams (USA), 3:17.4
  • 19–29: Yuriy Tsap (UKR), 2:59.6
  • 30–39: James Hall (GBR), 2:45.1 WORLD RECORD!
  • 40–49: Marius Tyrdal Sandmael (NOR), 2:55.2
  • 50–59: Steve Shinder (CAN), 3:10.7
  • 60–69: Erick Sokn (USA), 3:07.8 WORLD RECORD!
  • 70–79: Paul Toole (GBR), 3:36.3 WORLD RECORD!
  • 80–89: Kenneth Keigher (GBR), 4:22.2

Adaptive Men Seated

  • Greg Stevenson (GBR), 3:28.9

Adaptive Men Standing

  • Sean Gaffney (GBR), 3:16.33:25.3

Adaptive Men Visually Impaired

  • Milan Lackovič (SVK), 3:08.9

Men's results
Women's results

Every year we raffle off a new SkiErg, drawing a name from all the teams or clubs with 30 or more competitors. This year’s lucky winner is Strength Happens in Santa Barbara, California. Congratulations!

Thinking of joining the fun next year? It’s not too soon to start training for the 2020 SkiErg Sprints, November 12–15. We even provide a training plan for beginners.

Remember that you don’t have to wait for a race to enter your best times in your Online Logbook and add them to the Rankings. If you're interested in taking part in the indoor rowing version, the next World Rowing Indoor Sprints takes place February, 4–8, 2020.

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