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11 Zoom Background Images

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Apr 03, 2020

How many hours have you spent on Zoom in the last week while you stay at home?

While Zoom doesn’t quite take the place of connecting in person, it’s been vital to continue to work and play virtually during this time of isolation.

To make it a little more fun, and to show some erg and rowing love, here are some Zoom backgrounds you can use to show off "your" gym, amazing outdoor erg setting, or the beautiful scenery while you row outdoors. If you're inspired, share with #concept2athome and tag us @concept2inc

Click each image to download it to your computer.
Instructions for adding a Zoom Virtual Background

The "I Miss My Gym" Backgrounds

Pretend you're (alone) in a gym, surrounded by ergs. Convey the message, "I just stopped rowing to take this call."

Ergs lined up in a gym

Sun shining on ergs in a gym

Dramatic picture of rowing in a gym

The "Don't You Love my Home Gym?" Backgrounds

Be the envy of everyone on your call when you show off your beautiful home set-ups–both inside and out.

Jumping a BikeErg on a mountain bike

A BikeERg and tire outside a gym

SkiErg and RowErg at sunset

Home with all three Concet2 ergs

The "Peace and Serenity" Backgrounds

Whether you imagine you are rowing on the water, or just want to share a moment of calm with everyone on the call, these backgrounds will do the trick.


Rowing on a river

Misty sunrise

Rowing at sunrise

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