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10 Questions with Peter Park

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Aug 06, 2018

Peter Park is a three-time winner of the World’s Toughest Triathlon and current record holder of several endurance competitions including the Catalina 50-mile ultra-marathon. As a strength and conditioning coach, Peter has 28 years of experience training elite athletes, big-screen celebrities, top touring musicians and common citizens that are serious about their fitness, mobility and longevity. Read more about Peter.

When did you first hear the name Concept2 or try one of our products?
Ever since I first started training clients back in 1995, the Concept2 (Indoor) Rower was always a mainstay in all of my conditioning programming. So, you could say Concept2 has been in my wheelhouse since the start of my career in the mid-90s.

Do you remember your first workout on a Concept2 machine? What did you think at first? Do you remember how you felt afterwards?
My first workout was 10 x 1000 meters with 1 minute recovery on the (indoor) rower with a client from Australia who was a competitive rower in college. At the time, he was a little chunky and I was smack in the middle of a pro triathlon career. I was thinking to myself I was going to crush him and not get much of a workout. He went out at about a 1:45 pace, and by the second repeat, I thought I was going to die! He laughed knowing this was going to happen, and the Concept2 products quickly became my favorite.

Which Concept2 products do you use? Why have you chosen those products? How do they enhance your training?
I use the (indoor) rower, the SkiErg and the BikeErg very regularly. I use the BikeErg almost every day at the moment, due to the fact that I am doing the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race this summer. I work a ton and, many days, the stationary bike is my only option later in the evening. I have every type of stationary bike at the gym and the Concept2 bike is by far my favorite. Its simple, but yet has all the feedback I need, fits me perfectly, and I love the feel of the pedal stroke.

A close second for myself, but number one for my clients is the SkiErg. I love the full body workout the SkiErg gives and how you have to link all parts of the body to do it correctly. You can be as strong as an ox, but if you are not linking your shoulders, hips, etc., you will go nowhere. I enjoy both short sprints and long pieces.

How do you incorporate Concept2 equipment into your programming?
I use it for all forms of cardio conditioning. I will use them for low-end base building cardio, along with short, high-intensity stuff. Due to the way they are designed, Concept2 products are ideal for a circuit class setting as well.

What types of athletes do you primarily work with?
I train people from all walks of life. Pro athletes in all sports including motocross, baseball, basketball, and top CEOs, kids, and general fitness are all part of my clientele.

What’s your favorite/go-to workout?
Right now, long pieces up to 60-70k on the BikeErg as well as intervals such as 10 x 2500m on the BikeErg or shorter power lactic sprints on the SkiErg such as 4 x 10 seconds with 30 seconds recovery for 5-6 rounds.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone using Concept2 equipment for the first time?
Be patient, use your YouTube videos for correct technique and set up.

What trainers or athletes do you look up to?
I feel I can learn from any trainer at any level. I always look for the younger guys for motivation and new ideas. I admire many athletes, respect the ones that go the extra mile and do all the little things the most.

What or who inspires you to keep going?
I just love everything about my job. In fact, it is hard for me to call it a job. I have met more interesting people that have helped define how I live my life then I could have ever imagined.

We’d love to hear a quick story that involves Concept2 equipment–a motivational, funny, or learning moment.
My right of passage with new athletes is to have them do a 10,000 meter relay with myself on the SkiErg. From that session, I can get a good sense of the athlete's mindset, pain threshold, etc. I can almost always crush a newcomer to the SkiErg, and it is always fun for me how the athletes respond to losing to an old man (LOL) and realize how effective the SkiErg is!

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More about Peter Park

Among Peter’s athlete clients are 2017 National League MVP, Giancarlo Stanton, 2017 World Series champion, Justin Verlander, top Motocross racer, Ken Roczen, WNBA star, Diani Taursi, and pro surfer, Lakey Peterson. Peter also works with musician Harry Styles, actors Rob Lowe and Don Johnson, and executives Irving Azoff and Chris Silbermann.

Peter also is the author of two books: “Rebound: Regain Strength, Move Effortlessly, Live Life Without Limits,” and “Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence.” Peter owns Platinum Fitness, his Santa Barbara gym, and lives in Montecito with his wife Kelly, and two sons, Hayden and Carter.

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