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10 Questions with James Hanson

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Sep 28, 2018

James Hanson is the Global Motocross Manager for Rockstar Energy Drink. He handles all of the brand's off-road motorcycle racing around the world, and loves and appreciates the fact that he is able to stay in the sport he is so passionate about.

When did you first hear the name Concept2 or try one of our products?
I knew of the (rowing) machine and that a lot of moto guys used it for training but that was about it. I then met Greg Hammond (Concept2 Sales) in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, just up the road from Loretta Lynn's Ranch and the Amateur National Championship around 2007. Seiji Ishi, who was a moto trainer at the time, introduced us. I was excited to try it out and soon after I had one in my house.

Do you remember your first workout on a Concept2 machine?
The first time I used the Concept2 (indoor rower), I was just getting the feel of it. Then I found out about the Online Logbook and distance rankings. The first distance I tried was the 500 meters. In just a minute and a half I was ruined. I got off and my legs didn't even work as I fell to the ground in a pile.

Which Concept2 products do you use? Why have you chosen those products? How do they enhance your training?
I currently just use the rowing machine but I am eager to try out the new bike next year. I say next year because I don't want it to distract me from my current goals, so it can't be at my house.

How do you incorporate Concept2 equipment into your training?
I row 3-5 days a week along with running. My goal for the year is 1,000,000 meters. I recently started cramming in riding due to lack of time for some major up coming motocross races. I was surprised at how soon I was able to do pretty long motos. I have to think that the amount of rowing I've been doing this year played a part in that.

What types of competitive sports have you trained for?
Definitely for motocross of course, but I also do as many running races as I can a year. I'd say the biggest thing I train for however, is just to get better at training if that makes sense.

What’s your favorite/go-to workout?
My standard on the rower is just 7000 meters minimum. To do a million meters in a year, you need 20,000 a week. Doing 7 at a time always puts you ahead. This is a must when you travel as much as I do; sometimes for weeks at a time.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone hopping on Concept2 equipment for the first time?
If it's your first time, take it easy at first. You will probably use muscles that you haven't before. Another note is to get on the Logbook. The numbers and times of others will challenge and motivate you.

James Hanson's Concept2 Challenge mug collection

What or who inspires you to keep going?
It's really just the numbers that keep me going. It takes self accountability but the fact is, you only have to beat yourself to get better at anything.

Something I have found is very important is writing things down. I have my main goals written on a dry erase board every year. I also have a massive full year calendar on the wall where I record every meter I row, every mile I run and even any extra curricular activities like moto or mountain biking etc. Every morning when I wake up, those are the first things I see.

What’s your favorite workout music?
I listen to a broad playlist of Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative and Rap. One thing I've noticed about rap, the beat is so consistent, I feel like my heart rate follows suit, where with rock, it fluctuates.

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