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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Wally Many

Wanted to say thanks. Two days after ordering it was at my door. And what a beauty it is. So much better than the 'competition.' I'm using it as an adjunct to an exercise bike (though it may supplant that for the most part) in losing weight. I decided I needed something for the upper body, too. I find it great to get in the rhythm and just go. And I would say that the more that I use it the better I like it.

I haven't given up the exercise bike but use it to warm up for about twenty four minutes. Then at least 30 minutes on the Concept2, which feels like a down hill ride even as I try to keep up a strong pressure. I do each of them twice a day so I do get a good workout. Since my purpose is to lose weight, I have almost reached the bottom I think and then I will taper off some and use it to keep up the fitness I have gained. Have lost over forty-five pounds and reached my first goal—the weight I had when discharged from the Army sixty years ago. I would never been able to keep at it just using the exercise bike.

I just wanted you to know how great the machine is.

Thank you!

Wally Many