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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Trish Poe

In 2004, our local YMCA offered a new class to its members—Rowing, and since my husband and I were looking for an exercise program to replace jogging, we decided to give this program a try. From the start, we were fortunate to receive great instruction from our trainer on the proper rowing techniques and how to use the indoor rower to maximize our exercise routine. Last year our instructor decided to kick things up a notch by forming the Green Hills YMCA Team within the Concept2 online community. This has proven to be a great motivational and team building tool for our entire class. Last year we participated in the Fall Team Challenge, the Holiday Challenge and currently we are participating in the World Erg Challenge. Now we are turning in more daily meters by challenging each other to be on the top of the meter board while at the same time enjoying the friendly exchanges that extends beyond the workout room.