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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Tom Purdy

My rowing experience includes 8’s at FD Roosevelt High School (’72), Hyde Park, New York and 8’s & 4+ at the US Naval Academy ('76), Annapolis, Maryland. I joined the Raleigh Rowing Center and sculled for the first time in the fall of 2008. Rough weather prevented rowing one day, and I watched a high school team transition from the water to a large number of Concept2s for their workout. I was impressed to say the least and was lucky enough to find a used Model D with PM3 within a few weeks, which I updated to PM4 in the fall of 2011. Joining the Concept2 online community has allowed me to reconnect with past team members. The team competitions help keep me motivated and I’ll hit 7.5 million meters very soon, which has helped me lose 30+ pounds. It's great to be rowing and especially erging again—something I never would have imagined after my erg experience on the "torture" devices of the early 1970’s! The photo is my oldest son and me at the Raleigh Rowing Center where I introduced him to rowing.