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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Timothy Mazzotta

I'm 22 years old, and I am a sailor in the United States Navy. I am from Orlando, Florida, but currently stationed in Charleston, South Carolina where I am at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command.

I started rowing in 2006, my junior year of high school. By my senior year, I was hooked, which I attribute largely to my coach at the time, Stephen Harris. I decided to attend Rollins College, in Winter Park, Florida, where I rowed all four years under Head Coach Shawn Pistor. I was never a part of any sport in school before I joined rowing, and it changed my life. My best memories and my closest friends are all thanks to rowing.

At some point during college, I really accepted what a valuable tool the Concept2 Indoor Rower was. It was invaluable in helping to train for rowing on the water, and there is no better feeling than accomplishing your goals on the machine. A few years ago, my teammates and I heard about the Concept2 Holiday Challenge, and participated in it as a way to stay in shape over winter break. The online logbook was a great way for us to compete against each other, even when we were apart. I use it now as a way to stay connected to the rowing world, even while I serve in the military.