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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Steven Willis

I started finally getting into shape a few years ago after breaking my arm. The break was a result of my own stupidity and was severe due to my being in such poor shape. Using just the equipment I had available at the time, I worked to shed over 80 pounds (5.7 stones). However, the impact of using a treadmill so much was starting to take its toll.

I remembered rowing in college and had always really missed it. Though landlocked and in a desert state, I sought out a gym that had Concept2 Indoor Rowers. In February I started rowing again and began logging my times at the Concept2 Online Logbook site at the beginning of April. This month I did my first half-marathon (in pretty good time, I do brag) and with a little push I may complete 250,000 meters for the month of June.

Many more people in the gym are now rowing and the gym has even purchased a few more Concept2 Indoor Rowers due to all of the increased usage.