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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Sandra Jones

Why Concept2: I wanted to lose weight and be a little fit. It sounds simple, but the hard part to that plan is that I hate exercise. I like sports and bike riding—if I'm going somewhere—but exercise for the sake of exercise: NO WAY! Then I found the rower, did some research and found out that it's the best overall exercise machine. It exercises the most muscles with one machine. It was an easy choice! And since I'm not trying to win any races, it's easy exercise. I can listen to books while I do it, which provides me with extra motivation. I bought my own (after using one in our community workout room) along with wireless headphones and now I enrich my mind while toning my body. It's a win-win. I bought my indoor rower in February 2014 and did the March Mud Season Madness Challenge. That challenge got me rowing every day and the Android app made it easy to log my workouts (notice a theme here: EASY). I'm working on the Dog Days of Summer Challenge and also going for my Million Meter T-Shirt, which I hope to have by the end of this year. I have to say, I've lost the weight I wanted to lose and I've gained a habit that will benefit me for a lifetime.