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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Mark Heath

I am 47 years old and self employed, running a number of online businesses from home. As my work life involves a lot of sitting down behind a computer screen, I have been seeking a way of keeping fit and maintaining a healthy weight.

In the past, I have used an exercise bike but, when it broke, I looked to find a better alternative. I came across the Concept2 website and decided that I would give indoor rowing a go! I liked the idea that rowing would exercise my upper body as well as my legs, and would burn a greater number of calories per hour than an exercise bike.

My Concept 2 Model D arrived in January this year, and I have really enjoyed rowing ever since it was delivered. I took part in the recent Mud Season Madness challenge, and successfully rowed at least 10,000 meters per day for at least 25 days in March. Since January, I have rowed over 660,000 meters and I remain very motivated in reaching my first one million meter milestone within the next few months!

I have lost over 22 pounds (10kg) in weight thanks in major part to rowing and I already feel much fitter. While I have started out cautiously, I am impressed by how much my 10,000m and 5,000m rowing times have already improved for the same level of effort. I am really looking forward to seeing what long-term improvements I can make to my fitness.