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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Leonard Tollerton

I ordered my rower off of the website. It was promptly shipped, no hassles

I just wanted to send a couple of comments about this machine. I'm 55, 6' 280#. I haven't worked out in 2 years. Nagging knee problems have made it difficult for me to walk long distances, and I'm not a fan of weight training. I did some research and decided to buy a Concept2.

I have had my machine since the middle of March. I have been rowing 5 days/week since then. I am really enjoying the workout that this machine gives me. The low impact on the body is key. Easy to set up, easy to store, I can vary my workout in so many ways. I turn on my music and zone in to the workout I choose. I can vary my resistance (I began with the prescribed damper setting of 5, now on 6), and time. I row between 5000-9000 meters during these workouts at 29-31 s/m. I don't know if I've lost any weight, but my goal was to get physically active again. Not looking to compete or become a cross-fit beast. But, my muscles feel so much stronger than when I started. I feel, because of interval workouts, that my endurance has increased already.

Which brings me to my second thought. The PM5 monitor is ESSENTIAL for staying focused throughout the workout. Without it, I would not know where I was in the workout, I wouldn't be challenged, and I wouldn't try as hard. The monitor is easy to program for the workout you want and it really helps having a daily workout on the website that I can punch into the monitor. Now that I know how to use it, I can do the daily workout, vary the daily workout to my needs, or easily create my own.

This is a really wonderful, American-made product. I am glad I chose your company's rower, as I believe it is the industry standard.