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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

John Warkala

Hi Folks,

I ordered a Model E this past weekend and was emailed that it would be arriving here by 4/29, just in time for the new season. Thank you for your excellent, yet not unexpected, customer service.

But let me tell you honestly, I ordered the E a little reluctantly. You see, I have a Model C that I purchased in 1995 that has over 21 million meters on it (those are just my meters, there are a few thousand more from my wife and son). I have maintained it per the instruction manual, and it is in nearly new condition. After 19 years of good use! I've changed the seat, handle, rollers and am on my third shock cord, but what a great piece of equipment to last so long with what amounts to a minimal amount of effort and just some TLC.

So why get a new "E?" I recently had hip replacement surgery and may need my knee done in the future. I just wanted that extra bit of seat height to ease my transition onto and off of the rower so I can row until they plant me.

If the "E" is anything like the "C," then I'll never have to buy another one. Sometimes I wonder how you stay in business, but I see how the indoor rowers get abused in Globo and CrossFit gyms. My Model C will have a good home with my son who is away at college, and hopefully he'll take care of it well enough to pass on to his kids.

So I just wanted to thank you for 19 years of great Model C ownership and customer support over those years. Even more years of product use, considering I started on a Model A in college and then moved on to a "B" at my gym afterwards. And I'm now looking forward to many good years with the new "E."

There are just not enough good things I can say about your products, your outstanding customer service and your company.