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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Gordon Wood

I first tried indoor rowing in 1984 at the university gym where I was working. The Concept2 Model A Ergometer was booked in 15-minute time slots but became part of my workouts, so I purchased a Model B Ergometer in the mid 1980s. Over the years I have rowed off and on as part of a fitness mix. Last fall, after a bout of some knee trouble, I got back on my rower regularly and started logging my meters on line. I’m not back to marathon shape yet, but definitely enjoying the challenge.

I keep coming back to indoor rowing as it is a satisfying exercise, using a mix of muscle groups, and even a short time rowing helps me keep fit and feel well. The online logbook has replaced my wrinkled, sweaty training log. Concept2’s challenges and rankings are good motivation to row some time trials and help me to see my progress.