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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Frans van Rooden

Between December 2010 and December 2012, I used to row at the gym from time to time. In those days the Concept2 was ‘just one of the machines’ to me. In fact cycling has been my favorite sport for more than 30 years. In December 2012, I discovered the Concept2 website and got involved in your online community. There is lots of information about indoor rowing and rowing results of other people (which is great). And that got me hooked. I bought my own Model D Indoor Rower in April 2013, left the gym and started to train seriously. Many people say I am too competitive for my age. On December 7, 2013 I joined the Dutch Championship in Amsterdam and appeared to be the fastest rower in the category of Lightweight Men 60-69 (and hold the Dutch Record). However, by buying my own indoor rower, I created one problem. Rowing is addictive and that’s why I have now an almost unused bicycle in my shed. So my most important new year resolution is to try to bring back the balance between rowing and cycling.