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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Donald Kern

My former employer, GE, was determined to increase the health opportunities for employees when we opened a new manufacturing facility. The employee health center had a new Concept2 Model C as part of the equipment. The first time I tried it, I was hooked forever. A few months later I purchased my own and have been erging ever since. I'm about 75,000 meters shy of 16 million meters. Having the functionality of the Concept2 website to track my workouts against a worldwide database of rowers, and to be able to record my meters for my alma mater, Rutgers University, keeps me going even in the summer months when I'm mostly outdoors hiking and running trails. Whenever I'm looking for a change, I just go to the website and check out some suggested workouts to change things up. I've competed several times in the New Jersey indoor rowing meet in the spring at the Brigantine Rowing Club's facilities. It's great fun and a chance to see and hang out with other rowing enthusiasts. But during the winter months when getting outside can be problematic, the Concept2 Indoor Rower is a great low-impact high efficiency way to keep in tip-top cardiovascular shape. As the blurb on my profile says, "For good results, pull hard! Period!"

When I retire I want to find a place where I can get out on the water in the shell to compliment the indoor rower. For me, rowing truly never gets old and also keeps me young and in great shape without the risks of higher impact exercises. Many thanks to all you folks at Concept2 for all you do to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle!