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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

David Miller

While I wish I had taken advantage of an opportunity to row in college, the use of an erg has played a part in my fitness ever since college. For many years, I used ergs at a variety of health clubs as part of my routine workouts. In 1998, I purchased my first Model C Indoor Rower. I don’t claim to be completely faithful year round. I always come back to my machine—a core training that I can always do regardless of weather. Around 2005, I ended up buying a second machine, Model D this time. The old faithful keeps my exercise always at hand at our second home.

Last year I finally surpassed 15 million meters logged since my first purchase. I am always impressed with the distance logged by some, I am quite pleased with how I have be steady in maintaining health in which my ergs have played a major role.

Next goal is to get back in shape enough for next year’s World Indoor Rowing Championships (aka CRASH-Bs).