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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Dan DeMarco

First off, I am very used to the Model E and must say I love it. So much so that I was extremely hesitant to try the Dynamic. Once I saw the Dynamic video I knew I just had to take the chance and upgrade. I can tell you this was my best move. For some reason I never tried the slides but always wanted to try them. With the Dynamic I got them and I just kick my self everyday for not doing this sooner. The new double movement shaved off 2 minutes on my 3000 meter (huge), and I feel every back muscle get that much stronger every time I use it. And WOW the pectorals and external obliques, can you say goodbye to the love handles or what! There is not one muscle group neglected. Total choice workout.

My overall impression, without a doubt: I will never go back. The Dynamic is a keeper. With the Dynamic Rower I finally get the workout I've always deserved but could never find. A lifetime fan here.