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Million Meter Club Testimonials

My Ten Million Meter Club sweatshirt arrived in the mail today. I will be 61 years old next month, but opening this package was like being 10 years old again on Christmas morning. Thank you so very much for the sweatshirt of such excellent quality. Also, a much belated thank you for my Five million and One million meter t-shirts. I cannot think of another company that supports its customers the way you do. I am facing another cold wet Pacific Northwest winter, but I have my Concept2 to get me through it. Now I just need to find room in my garage for a SkiErg. Read More ›

—Rick Allen

I am currently stationed in Germany. Active duty Air Force. I initially became involved with the Concept2 online community through CrossFit. Starting in November 2014, I decided to start a million meter challenge which is to be completed within a year. Read More ›

—Daniel Lawson

I bought my erg in April 2006 as an effort to lose weight. I was successful in this endeavor, losing about 50 pounds in the first year. As time passed I realized I could be quite competitive and started racing eventually getting my 2k time down to a respectable 6:22.2. Read More ›

—David Chmilowskyi

I took a Learn-to-Row class in 2007 and have been sculling with the Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club here in Port Townsend, Washington for the past seven years. We are able to row on our bay from about April into November most years, weather permitting. During the winter and early spring months and on most days when I’m not rowing on the water, I put in time on my Concept2 erg, having earned my five million meter pin last fall. Indoor rowing is a great way to build endurance, stay in shape, and work on many aspects of rowing form. Read More ›

—Marsha Wiener

In the photo, I am paddling the Upper Missouri River in 2012. My son and I did the first and most picturesque 400 miles. The rest of the Missouri is still on my bucket list.
I purchased a Model D Indoor Rower years ago for exercise and weight control. I am a retired US parachute infantryman with a bad back, neck and prosthetic knees to show for 28 years of service.
Concept2 is the best non-impact exercise I can manage, and I'm closing in on 2 million meters. Read More ›

—Larry White

I'm almost 60-years old. I am a big guy, 6'4" and 350-pounds, making it difficult to compete in physical activities. I was at a conventional gym for about 2 years with limited success. I recently changed to a CrossFit gym. I first used Concept2 Indoor Rowers at my CrossFit gym. I liked rowing the first time that I tried it. Here's a full-body cardio activity that a big guy can do without the pounding and joint stress of running. Read More ›

—Mark Hanisco

I have been rowing for a number of years now and am closing in on 26 million life time meters. I have found that the Concept2 is a great way to keep fit without the impact injuries that I used to get playing rugby and basketball. I have been a member of the Free Spirits Rowing team and enjoy taking part in both club and Concept2 challenges. I have even taken part in a few races which have been great fun and shows what a brilliant rowing community there is out there. Read More ›

—David Taylor

I have Syringomyelia. In April 2011, I got my own Concept2 Indoor Rower Model E and this has made a lot of difference to my rowing and to my disability. I have just completed 10,000,000 million meters as of April 29, 2013. Read More ›

—Paul Sharp

I have been rowing on a Concept2 consistently for over twenty years (I'm on my second erg), have averaged over 1,000 miles a year and should be cracking 34 million meters within a month. It's a great workout and has been a consistent part of my morning routine despite numerous career changes, floods, power outages and injuries (that had nothing to do with the Concept2 by the way). I hope to keep it up for another 20+ years. Read More ›

—Jon LaBerge

About three years ago I was told by my doctor that I had to change my lifestyle to improve my health. In fact he said, "Improve your nutrition, lose weight, do sports." As I live far away from any public gym, I decided to build my own. I bought a few pieces of exercise equipment, including the Concept2 Model E, and a big flat screen television. Read More ›

—Hermann Hartmann

While I wish I had taken advantage of an opportunity to row in college, the use of an erg has played a part in my fitness ever since college. For many years, I used ergs at a variety of health clubs as part of my routine workouts. In 1998, I purchased my first Model C Indoor Rower. I don’t claim to be completely faithful year round. I always come back to my machine—a core training that I can always do regardless of weather. Around 2005, I ended up buying a second machine, Model D this time. The old faithful keeps my exercise always at hand at our second home. Read More ›

—David Miller

Maintaining an exercise program over the long haul is sometimes difficult. Concept2 individual and team challenges are great incentives to keep working. Thanks for both the great rowing machines and the ongoing encouragement. Read More ›

—Judy Abbott

My experience with rowing was very sporadic until June 16, 2002, when I started rowing regularly. Two and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Both my grandmothers died from complications of diabetes and my dad and three of his sisters are diabetic so, it is rampant in my family. Walking had been my main exercise until I got back on my rower and found out how it lowered my blood sugar readings. Read More ›

—Diane B

Thank you all at Concept2 for your website and the information on weight loss. Read More ›

—Robin Sweet

I bought my Concept2 Indoor Rower and received it just in time for the Holiday Challenge! After successfully completing the 200k I was hooked. Read More ›

—Matt Maddock

I needed something that kept me at home, so I started rowing more and doing more of the challenges. Read More ›

—Elizabeth Downie

I love the Model D as you control the workout from a relaxed, watching-TV state to an all out kill-yourself if you desire. Read More ›

—Bob Freitag

I purchased my C2 machine in April 2005. My primary purpose for rowing was weight loss. I use my C2 in combination with a treadmill and an elliptical machine. I have lost 20 lbs. by exercising and the C2 machine has helped me keep that weight off. I have recently been rowing 30 minutes a day 5–6 times a week. My 2008 goal will be to row at least 2 million meters. Thanks C2 for producing a great machine. Read More ›

—Al Masino

I try to average at least 60,000 meters a week, and just passed 7 million meters. It is the best thing in the world for my overall physical well-being. I lost some 20 pounds, increased my wind power (great for my trumpet playing), and I feel great. Thank you again to C2!! Read More ›

—David Adams

Thank you for making such an excellent product, and giving all the encouragement opportunities online. Read More ›

—Mike DuBois

As an ex-jock with a bad knee, I've found rowing to be a terrific no-impact exercise for all-around fitness. Read More ›

—Chuck Hood

I purchased my C2 in January of 2002, but only started regular rowing December 2003. I started with the holiday challenge and have participated in every challenge since. I am now working on my second million meter club. I have now completed 3 half marathons and hope to do a full marathon in the near future. One technique I find useful on a longer row is to cover up part of the display. I have done it even on 10,000m rows, but especially on half marathons. Read More ›

—Allison Toye