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Dynamic Indoor Rower Testimonials

The Dynamic is a great tool to feel how a boat moves. It doesn’t have the draw you get from the chain on the standard model and therefore you ‘have to’ create a momentum and flow to your stroke similar to that of rowing a single. There is a small amount of elasticity in the machine but you have to keep your hands moving etc like you do when you row on the water. You also have to have a ‘hang’ to be able to drive your legs and have a natural body open through the stroke. A constant rhythm will allow you to be efficient and sustain and good training pace. Read More ›

—Eric Murray

There is not one muscle group neglected. Total choice workout...With the Dynamic Rower I finally get the workout I've always deserved but could never find. A lifetime fan here. Read More ›

—Dan DeMarco

I think it's a great machine. It’s very familiar. It has the monitor the way we like it. It gives you the same information. I’m very excited to have one, and we’ll be using them a lot. Concept2, thank you for making such a high-quality dynamic erg. Read More ›

—Bryan Volpenhein

I find that rowing on the Dynamic is much more like actually rowing on the water. Read More ›

—Francis Sulger

It is easier to identify and correct bad technique, because I am staying in the same spot, not sliding back and forth. Read More ›

—Valerie Mathison

Unlike other forms of exercise, I actually look forward to rowing. Read More ›

—Rita Hart

It does not appear that you need any new comments in support of the Dynamic Rower, but I love it. My day job impairs my ability to spend mornings on the river in my single scull. Read More ›

—Tori Murden McClure

I first started rowing competitively at school in 1989, and after 3 seasons I had a BIG break from the sport—18 years! I have now rejoined a local rowing club as a competitive Masters Rower and use the Concept2 to supplement my on-water training, and also compete at indoor competitions. I was one of the first in Australia to take delivery of the Dynamic Indoor Rower, which I am really enjoying. Read More ›

—Paul van Zijl

First, congratulations on building a professional and high quality machine. The product engineering and design is impressive and looks like it was built to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Completion assembly was straight forward, comprehensive and finished like clock work right down to the stainless steel Torx screws dipped in Loctite. I kayak, however the rowing machine is a new experience. I tried the erg machine, which I like, at the health club, but I prefer the Dynamic and would recommend it. Read More ›

—Mark Dixon

I have used other Concept2 ergs in the past but felt that the new design would be more fluid and balanced. I was not disappointed. Read More ›

—Jon Grand

We are still in winter in Upstate New York, so I have not been rowing on-water this year. I just got my Dynamic in the Fall of 2010. I know it will help me or at least give me a jump start when I get on the water. When on the Dynamic, I focus on technique and get a good aerobic workout. I believe it has helped me to stay flexible and improve core strength. Read More ›

—Karen Stocker

I first saw the Concept2 demo'd in IMPACT fitness mag. Prior to purchase, I briefly tried out another Concept2 model in a fitness store. I could tell that the Concept2 was well made, and I was more impressed with it than the other models they had available. Now I love my rower. It was what I'd expected. When rowing, I usually close my eyes and envision being on the water. Listening to music helps me keep a beat. I find it to be very meditative and a great stress reliever. I haven't used it as much as I wanted to, or would have, to date. Read More ›

—Carol Perlau