Indoor Rowing Testimonials | Concept2

Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Carol Perlau

I first saw the Concept2 demo'd in IMPACT fitness mag. Prior to purchase, I briefly tried out another Concept2 model in a fitness store. I could tell that the Concept2 was well made, and I was more impressed with it than the other models they had available. Now I love my rower. It was what I'd expected. When rowing, I usually close my eyes and envision being on the water. Listening to music helps me keep a beat. I find it to be very meditative and a great stress reliever. I haven't used it as much as I wanted to, or would have, to date. Back pain (apparently caused by shortened psoas muscles from running), prompted me to buy the rower. Opening up spine from rowing felt good but NUCCA chiropractor advised not to use. I've since defied his recommendations and am back rowing and just concentrating on psoas stretching more. It is going well. I'm glad I have an upper body alternative now to my newly acquired recumbent bike.