Corporate Citizenship | Concept2

Corporate Citizenship

Community is important to us at Concept2. It’s where we go for support, encouragement and competition. We build community so that it will be there for all of us.

Our Mission

  • Rowing is our reason for being. Our first goal is to promote and encourage the growth of rowing, indoors and outdoors.
  • We strive to design, manufacture, sell, and service unique products of the highest quality and value for the benefit of the Concept2 community—our customers, employees, suppliers and neighbors.

Our Values

  • We are committed to creating a positive healthy culture that fosters both individual initiative and teamwork, and where employees take pride in their work.
  • Our actions and relationships are characterized by honesty, fairness and integrity.
  • We are committed to equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, origin, age, gender, beliefs, religion or lifestyle choices.

Social Responsibility

We support, with funds and equipment, organizations that improve the quality of life for our local Vermont communities. Our goal is to make significant contributions that provide direct benefits. We target efficient grass-roots organizations that have low administrative costs relative to program spending. We try to balance our giving among organizations that promote social justice, environmental conservation, education, arts, sports, health and other community enhancing activities.


All our products are assembled in the US, right here in Vermont. We comply with all relevant technical marks and certifications in our manufacturing, and Performance Monitors can be recycled as eWaste if no longer working.

We are committed to making our headquarters as environmentally-friendly as possible. We have rigorous paper, plastic, foam and carbon recycling programs. We have seven 6kW solar panels that produce over a quarter of our electrical needs. You can check our power production online. Our aim is to get as close to possible to being a zero-carbon footprint factory.