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One of the strengths of Concept2 ergs is the ability to compare your results with those of other people, no matter where or how old their machine is. This ability meant that within a year of the first Concept2 rowing machine in 1981, the first indoor rowing race was organized. This race, the CRASH-Bs in Boston, is still running over 40 years later, and it’s since been joined by hundreds of other races all around the world, including the World Rowing Indoor Championships.

Indoor racing is open to anyone—you don't have to be a champion. We encourage everyone to consider participating in a race, or at least coming to watch one. Having a race in your sights makes for a great training goal to get you through the tough sessions. If you’re thinking an indoor race might be in your future, check out our First Time Race Advice. It might be just what you need to start you on your path to your first race!

Most indoor rowing races take place over the Olympic regatta distance of 2000 meters, and there are recognized age group records for this distance and a number of others.

As well as indoor rowing races, Concept2 equipment is also used in a variety of other competitions. We’re a mainstay of functional fitness events, having featured in every CrossFit Games since the start. More recently, both the RowErg and SkiErg are part of every HYROX competition.

Our event calendar can help you find a race near you. But if you can’t make it to a race, don’t worry! Some events are now online, and you can also use our Online Rankings. This is a listing of season bests that allows you to see how your times and distances match up to others across the globe.

SkiErgs at a Hyrox competition