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Concept2 has long been a part of CrossFit, and we’re proud to have been involved since the early days. The first ever workout at the first ever CrossFit Games started with a 1000m row, and we’ve been involved with every Games since, including the infamous Marathon row in 2018. All three machines have been programmed in the Games, and the rowing machine made its first appearance in the Open in 2015. 

Whether you want to program for Calories, time or distance; as part of an AMRAP or a chipper; if you’re doing Jackie, Fight Gone Bad or just warming up, Concept2 equipment will never let you down. Whatever cardio workout you want to put your athletes through, we’ll be able to help. 

As well as being hard-working and durable, the other thing that makes our machines trusted in the CrossFit community is the accuracy and reliability of the PM5. Each machine is calibrated the same, so you can believe the performance of your athletes. The PM5 makes you accountable, but also allows you to scale things across different demographics. 

"Concept2 as a company was a huge supporter throughout my career. Being a Vermont-based company, I shared many workouts with various Concept2 staff at the local CrossFit gym. Concept2 machines were a part of everyday training to prepare for the CrossFit Games. Some of my best (and worst) memories from training to be the 5x CrossFit Games Champion were spent on the Concept2 RowErg. It was in those long rowing intervals did I realize the hard work I put in today is going to pay off come competition time. The durability of the machines is second to none. I never had to worry about the hundreds of thousands of meters logged each year and the wear and tear of training. The crossover between machines also makes the versatility endless; I can easily swap out a machine in a workout and know how to properly track my output regardless of wattage, meter or calorie goal.” - Mat Fraser 

Matt Fraser using the BikeErg

Technology and Apps 

All of our machines can be used with a wide range of apps, including our own free app, ErgData

ErgData can track your progress, create workouts to send to others, update the firmware on your Performance Monitor, and help you take part in our Workout of the Day among other things. 

See our apps page for information on more apps that provide online classes, technique analysis and more. 


Just as you need to teach proper technique to athletes learning how to lift, it’s also important to do so if you want people to row or ski with greater efficiency. To help you do this, we have guides for technique on both the RowErg and the SkiErg, including guides to common errors. Make sure you follow us on social media as well, where we regularly post tips and advice. 

Service and Support 

Even the most bulletproof of machines can benefit from some TLC every now and again. Visit our Support section, where you can find out everything from how to keep your equipment maintained, to troubleshooting bumpy seat rollers to learning how to set up an interval workout with undefined rest on your Performance Monitor. 


Everyone loves a competition, and the ability to compare yourself accurately with other people means our equipment has been a part of every CrossFit Games since the beginning, including the infamous Marathon row in 2018. 

We’ve supported hundreds of other competitions over the years, including the Rogue Invitational and Strength In Depth. If you’re running a competition and have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Outside of CrossFit competitions, there are also plenty of other opportunities for athletes, including