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SkiErg Skills and Drills: Bracketing Good Technique

Jul 14, 2015


When working on improving your technique, it can be helpful to bracket proper technique by spending a little time doing it “wrong” in certain ways. I use “wrong” loosely, since the SkiErg does allow a lot of room for creativity in the technique and motions used—especially if you are not training for competitive Nordic skiing. However, proper technique will generally offer the greatest efficiency and power. Here are several drills designed to bracket proper technique. These drills are also described in the accompanying video. To get the proper amount of arm bend, try the following exercise:
  1. Take 10 pulls with your arms completely straight.
  2. Take 10 pulls that start with your arms fully bent such that the handles run right down along the sides of your body as you extend your arms.
  3. Now, find the perfect position in between those two. Arms should be bent at around 90 degrees in the early part of the drive, before extending down toward the hips.
To achieve the right amount of leg involvement, try the following:
  1. Take 10 pulls keeping your legs completely straight.
  2. Take 10 pulls where you finish in a squat position (deep knee bend).
  3. Now find the perfect position in between those two. You should finish the pull with knees comfortably bent.
To be sure you are using your core, try the following:
  1. Take 10 pulls using your arms and your legs, but keeping your torso upright.
  2. Take 10 pulls with an overly full bend at the waist.
  3. Now take 10 pulls using your core muscles to “crunch” forward as you pull down with your arms and bend your knees.
We hope you find these drills to be helpful!

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