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Row’d Royalty Starts Today!

Jan 14, 2021



The 2021 Row’d Royalty competition starts today; it is an annual event we love to sponsor due to its creativity, toughness and prizes. Any athlete, at any level of fitness, is welcome to join!

In 2018, I joined our Concept2 team “CA$H-Bs” (a name in homage to the famous indoor rowing race, the CRASH-Bs) for four weeks of exciting new workouts. Each week we looked forward to the announcement of what would come next. Unlike most competitions, you sign up without really knowing what to expect. Row’d Royalty never disappoints!

The most memorable workout was 18.3, which was identical to a 2013 CrossFit Games workout. The entire workout was a half marathon (21,097m) with the first 2000 meters counting towards an additional score. The fun of this workout was attempting a strategy, without having time to practice or try it out beforehand. (I wasn’t going to attempt more than one half marathon in a week!)

Some athletes felt they could perform best by sprinting the first 2000 meters and winning the most points in that part of the workout. Others opted for a steady state approach: a consistent pace over the entire workout, ensuring they could row well for the entire 21,097 meters. I chose a balanced strategy: I stayed aerobic, but rowed a difficult-to-maintain pace for the first 2000 meters. Then I tried my best to “hang on”!

This was my longest rowing workout in years, and I have distinct memories of that row, alone, in my basement, listening to music on my headphones for over an hour. It made me feel tough to complete it. I felt supported by my team of coworkers, who were also rowing the same workout. In Row’d Royalty, there are multiple days to complete the workout. This gives you great flexibility to fit it into your schedule and training. The workouts are usually varied, giving you a chance to find at least one workout that plays to your strengths (and others that will challenge you!).

Row’d Royalty supports Charity: Water, a great organization that Concept2 donated to in the 2010 Holiday Challenge. There are also great prizes, such as the weekly giveaway (4 total) of a new RowErg, SkiErg or BikeErg! Cash prizes are up for grabs, too.

This is a great year to give Row’d Royalty a try. Register today. Compete anywhere and win! Good luck!

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