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Remote Exercise: Connect to Training Partners

Mar 17, 2020



Coaches who are used to daily monitoring of their team's progress on the RowErg, SkiErg or BikeErg can continue to do so remotely. Here’s an easy way how:

  1. Each athlete and coach should set up a personal Online Logbook. Under Profile, check your Privacy Settings so that Training Partners can see your Logbook.
  2. In the online logbook, each athlete should add the coach (and other teammates) as a “Training Partner”. Training partners are able to view each other's logbook results. There is no limit to the number of Training Partners a person can have. To set up a Training Partner, go to their Profile page. Click the "Add Training Partner" button. Once this person accepts your request, your partnership is established.
  3. Once the partnership is set up, your partner's name will appear on your Training Partner’s page along with a link to a modified log page that shows the meters your partner has rowed. The modified log shows distance, time, date rowed, weight class, workout type and comments.

The (free) ErgData app provides a convenient way to record and save workouts from the Performance Monitor. On a PM5, we recommend wirelessly connecting devices or using a cable to connect to a PM3 or PM4. Your PM5 will need to be connected to ErgData before you start your workout so that your workout data is recorded. (Sorry, it is not able to pull results out of the PM memory.)

In the ErgData app, and if you're signed into your Online Logbook under "Preferences" (the gear icon on the bottom right), you can easily sync your workouts. Once your workout finishes, swipe to the logbook screen and press "Sync" in the upper left. All workouts highlighted in white will sync. Once you enter your workout results, your Training Partners will also be able to view your results.

If you're not using ErgData, any results you enter manually will still be shared with your Training Partners.

Be well and keep up the great meters!

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