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Employee Profile: Dave Lane

Nov 7, 2016



There are many unsung heroes at Concept2—those whose steady dedication to keep things running can sometimes go unnoticed. This describes Dave Lane. Dave is one of Concept2’s purchasing agents and is responsible for the development and management of Concept2’s supply chain of production parts.

That means, on a very basic level, that every screw, sprocket and star nut that goes into building our indoor rowers, SkiErgs and oars is procured and managed by Dave and the team. But the process is far from basic, and requires a high level of organization, calm demeanor and excellent stress management skills, as even the smallest kink in the supply chain can halt production and leave people scrambling—not an option in Dave’s world!

Dave has years of experience in inventory purchasing and management and has worked for a variety of manufacturing organizations of all sizes before coming to Concept2 in 2008. He holds a degree in Business Management from Johnson State College in Johnson, Vermont. One of his favorite things about his work is when time and effort results in something positive for the company. “In purchasing, many ideas for cost savings and improvement are scrutinized but never reach the finish line for a variety of reasons. I enjoy it when an opportunity goes full circle and develops into a ‘win’.” While the stress of Dave’s job “can be excessive at times” you would never know it by talking with him—he’s always calm and cool. He stays this way by doing things he enjoys, like being out in the woods, hiking, gardening, working on home projects or taking long road trips on his motorcycle. His family keeps him busy as well—Dave is married to Jolene and has two teenage sons, Aiden (18) and Colin (14).

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