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Calling All Kids!

Jun 17, 2022


ila on BikeErg
Our Kids’ Distance Clubs have been revamped so that kids’ meters accumulate and count toward the next meter goal, much like our Million Meter Club. The aim is to encourage participation, not competition. There are separate Kids’ Distance Clubs for the Concept2 RowErg, SkiErg and BikeErg. Each time your child achieves a new club level, a colorful certificate of completion (worldwide) and free commemorative pin (US and Canada only) is earned, and can be easily ordered online. Encourage your kids to collect a pin at each club level! The Kids’ Distance Clubs are now run through the Concept2 Online Logbook, making it so easy to track progress and claim prizes at each level. Help your kids get set up with their own logbook! But how is it different from the original Kids’ Club? The original club had different distance levels for different age groups, so kids 6 years old and under had to complete 5000 meters, 7-8 year olds had to complete 10,000 meters, and so on. Now, any child 16 and under can start and work toward the same goals. Once they hit the 5000 meter mark, for example, they will be rewarded with a commemorative pin and certificate of achievement at that level, AND their meters will count to the next club level. They don’t have to start over, or start with an intimidating meter goal. The new Kids' Distance Club levels are:
  • 5000 meters
  • 20,000 meters
  • 40,000 meters
  • 100,000 meters
  • 250,000 meters
  • 500,000 meters
Dad Jonathan Menz uses the RowErg regularly. When his then 4-year-old daughter Lilly saw the amount of time Dad was spending on the machine, her curiousity was piqued, and as a result, she started on her way to 5k. “Lilly spent a few minutes at a time on the machine when she was waiting for me to complete a workout,” said Jonathan. “When she turned six I told her about the kids’ distance challenge. She became encouraged when she heard that she could win a pin, and spent a few minutes rowing whenever she was in the basement.”
Lilly on RowErg
Six-year-old Lilly Menz getting her meters in.
When we asked what advice he could offer parents or kids, Jonathan responded, “The great thing about the distance clubs is that the distances are incredibly manageable for the age groups. If I was to encourage any other kids I would say take your time. It should be fun. Even if you only row 50 meters at a time.” We think that’s great advice! Check out the complete Kids’ Distance Club details and how to get started. And if you’re interested in the Million Meter Club for adults check it out on our website.

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