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6 Ways to Keep your Fitness Momentum Going

Jan 7, 2022



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It’s a pretty common reality: We start the year off with great resolution and strong will. But it can fade so easily. We’ve all been there. Here are six habit-forming Concept2 programs that are designed to keep you going all year long.

  1. Set up a Free Concept2 Online Logbook. By setting up your online logbook, you will be able to easily record every workout you do, and it will give a baseline and history of your progress. It makes it very clear when you skip workouts too often. The other benefit of an online logbook is that it makes the next few programs possible.
  2. Join a Concept2 Online Challenge! Our challenges provide incentive to get your meters in, and you’ll be joining with lots of other Concept2 community members in the effort. Some challenges are for individuals, others are for teams. It’s easy to create a team or find one to join.
  3. Vary your Workout with our WOD or Podcast. If you do exactly the same workout every time, there’s a risk of boredom. Mix in some intervals; vary your total time or distance. Subscribe to our Workout of the Day (WOD). Tune in to our Podcast, As the Flywheel Spins.
  4. Visit the Online Ranking. See how you stack up with others of your age, weight class, country or state. Choose to submit your own performances—or just take a look at where you would stand. Ranking events range from 500 meters to the full marathon, so there’s something for everyone.
  5. Look Ahead. Set a goal that's a bit further out in the year. Aim for a half or full marathon as part of the Global Marathon Challenge! Start working toward joining the Million Meter Club or maybe aim to compete in the World Rowing Indoor Sprints—a virtual 1000 meter race in March.
  6. Try an App. Our PM5’s open platform means there are lots of apps to choose from. Start with Concept2’s free app, ErgData, which makes it really easy to submit workouts to your online logbook and offers more data and more feedback to keep you motivated. Try one, or all, of these suggestions to see which ones work best for you. And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

Here’s wishing you a healthy, strong 2022!

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