iOS Requirements

ErgData is a free application designed to run on an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. It will support a Bluetooth Smart wireless connection to connect the iOS device to a Concept2 Indoor Rower or SkiErg using a PM5 monitor. It requires an iPhone Connection Kit (available from Concept2) to connect the iOS device to a Concept2 Indoor Rower or SkiErg using a PM3 or PM4 monitor.

iOS Requirements

  • Concept2 Indoor Rower (any model) with a PM3, PM4 or PM5 monitor:
  • iPhone Connection Kit (PM3 or PM4 only):
    • Order part number 2780 for $35.00.
    • Includes an iConnectConcept2 cable as well as a cradle to hold your iPhone or iPod touch
  • iConnectConcept2 Cable (PM5 only):
    • Order part number 2422 for $30.00 (not needed if you plan to use the wireless capabilities)
  • Smartphone Cradle (compatible with PM5, PM4, and PM3)
    • Order part number 1098 for $5.00 (not needed for PM3 or PM4 users if you purchase the kit (part number 2780), because a cradle is included in the kit)
  • A compatible iOS device, running iOS 5 or above. Refer to the following table.
    Device Version Device Notes

    5 and later*

    * iPhone 5 and later, iPod touch 5 and later, and iPad 4Gs and later require Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adapter to connect to the iConnectConcept2 cable.
    **Concept2 does not recommend using iPads in the Smartphone Cradle, as the Smartphone Cradle is not designed to fit an iPad.

    iPod touch


    iPad** Original

Additional Requirements and Information

  • ErgData will not function properly if a LogCard is in the monitor. Remove any LogCard before using ErgData.
  • Polar Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) heart rate belts require iOS 6 or higher and one of the following devices:
    • iPhone 4s or newer
    • iPad 3G
    • iPod touch 5G
    • iPad Mini
  • For Voice Guidance, you must be running iOS 7 or higher.