Workouts are Grayed Out


The workouts you want to upload are grayed out in the LogCard Data Viewer window and cannot be selected for upload.


  1. Make sure you have validated/logged into the Concept2 server. You can determine whether you are logged into the Concept2 server by finding your name in the LogCard Data Viewer window and seeing if the words “Click to Login” appear next to your name. If they do, you have not logged into the server. Click Click to Login and enter the username and password you normally use to log into your Online Logbook at
  2. If your LogCard has more than one user, make sure each user is set to their unique Ranking ID.

    Each individual who has an online logbook at is assigned a unique Ranking ID. The Concept2 Utility uses this Ranking ID to identify the correct profile to which to upload results. If the same Ranking ID is being used for more than one LogCard user, the Concept2 Utility cannot properly synchronize workouts and will gray out all workouts for all the users sharing that Ranking ID. Remove the Ranking ID from all users except the user to whom that Ranking ID really belongs. Do this as follows:

    1. On the LogCard Data Viewer window, click Settings. The Edit Settings window is displayed.
    2. In the User field, select a user from which you need to remove the Ranking ID.
    3. Click Remove.
    4. Click Yes to confirm the removal of the Ranking ID.
    5. Repeat steps b–d until the Ranking ID is in use for only one user, and for the user to whom it really belongs.

    More Info

    Multiple LogCard users being set to the same Ranking ID typically occurs when the same username and password was used to validate/log multiple users into the Concept2 server. To set your LogCard user to the correct Ranking ID:

    1. On the LogCard Data Viewer window, click Settings. The Edit Settings window is displayed.
    2. In the User field, select your LogCard user.
    3. Click Reset.
    4. On the Login window, enter the same username and password you use to log into your online logbook at Make sure you overwrite the black dots in the Password field with your actual password.
    5. Click Validate. The Concept2 Utility will send this information to the Concept2 server. If the information is correct, it will display your Ranking ID on the Edit Settings window.
    6. If the Ranking ID is correct, click OK. If the Ranking ID is not correct, try validating again. If you don't know your Ranking ID, log into your online profile at and click Profile.
  3. If you have successfully validated/logged into the Concept2 server, and the workouts are still grayed out, that means the workouts are ineligible for upload. This occurs when any of the following are true:
    • The workout is from a different ranking year. Each ranking year runs from May 1–April 30. Only workouts from the current ranking year can be uploaded.
    • The Concept2 Utility found a matching workout in your online logbook. Once you validate to the Concept2 server, the Concept2 Utility checks to see what workouts already exist in your logbook. Workouts are matched between the LogCard and the online logbook by:
      • Workout date
      • Workout time (applies only to Concept2 Utility Version 6.22 and above)
      • Workout duration in time
      • Workout duration in meters
    • The workout has a future date. (This usually occurs when the date on the PM is incorrect.)