How to Use

Uploading Workouts to an Online Logbook

At, you can create a free online logbook for storing your meters and participating in online challenges. To save you from having to hand-key your workouts into your online logbook, you can use this option to upload your workout data from your LogCard directly to your online logbook.
Using this option requires you to have a LogCard with data on it, a working internet connection and an online logbook at If you do not already have an online logbook, visit to create one.

To upload your workouts to your online logbook:

  1. Have your online logbook username, password and Ranking ID handy when using this option. Your Ranking ID is your unique identifier in our online logbook database. You can find your Ranking ID by logging into your online logbook and clicking Profile. Your Ranking ID will be listed in the Profile Settings section.
  2. Establish an internet connection.
  3. Connect your PM or card reader to your computer and insert your LogCard into it.
  4. On the main Concept2 Utility window, click Transfer Data > Upload to Online Logbook. The utility will read the LogCard and display the workout data in a LogCard Data Viewer window.
  5. In the LogCard Data Viewer window you should see a list of all the LogCard Users and their workouts from the LogCard. If the information next to your name is an ID number followed by an email address, then you've validated (logged in) to the online logbook server in the past. Check the ID number displayed and make sure it matches your actual Ranking ID. If it does, skip to step 6. If it doesn't, or if "Click to Login" appears next to your name, you will need to validate to the online logbook server:
    1. If "Click to Login" appears next to your name, click Click to Login and go to the next step. If the wrong Ranking ID appears next to your name, click Settings, then select your name in the User field and click Reset. Then go to the next step.
    2. In the Login window, enter the username and password you use to log into your online logbook at
    3. Click Validate. This identifies you to the online logbook database so that your workouts are uploaded to the correct online logbook. If you have entered your username and password correctly, the utility will retrieve and display your Ranking ID. Verify that the Ranking ID retrieved matches the Ranking ID from your online profile. If it doesn't, re-enter your username and password. If the resulting Ranking ID still does not match your actual Ranking ID, contact Concept2 for assistance.
    4. Click OK. The utility compares the workout data on your LogCard with the workouts you have already posted in your online logbook. It greys out any workouts that cannot be uploaded. This includes:
      • Workouts done outside of the current ranking year. Each ranking year runs from May 1 to April 30. If the workout you want to upload is outside of the current ranking year, you will need to log into your online logbook at and enter it as an historical workout (click History in your online logbook to enter the workout).
      • Workouts done during the current ranking year that are already in your online logbook. The Concept2 Utility synchronizes workouts on date, time, and distance. If the date, time, and distance of a workout in your online logbook matches that of a workout listed on your LogCard, that workout will not be available for upload so that you don’t end up with duplicate meters in your logbook.
  6. Select the workouts you would like to upload to your online logbook.
  7. Click Upload to Logbook.


  • The Concept2 Utility uploads interval workouts as one workout where the distance equals the total distance (rest and work meters combined) and the time equals the total time (rest and work intervals combined).
  • Following an upload, the information will remain on your LogCard until you erase workouts, erase the LogCard, or restore a backup file to the LogCard.
  • Occasionally, the Concept2 Utility's connection with the ranking server times out. If this occurs, the Concept2 Utility may display a message that you are not authorized, or that some other internet error has occurred. To remedy the issue, shut down the Concept2 Utility and restart it.