How to Use

Transferring a Backup File

Once you have created a backup file, you can transfer it to a spreadsheet or to your online logbook.

  1. Click Maintain USB Flash Drive > Transfer Backup File or Maintain LogCard > Transfer Backup File.
  2. The Concept2 Utility displays the folder or backup file name of the last backup created. By default, this is what the Concept2 Utility will use to transfer data. To select a different folder or file, click Browse and navigate to the backup data you want to transfer. Note for LogCard Users: The file selected must be an .lcb file to perform this function.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Choose the destination for the transferred data: Spreadsheet or Online Logbook, and follow the appropriate steps below.

    Transfer to Spreadsheet
    1. The Concept2 Utility displays the default location and name of the .csv file it will create after transferring the data.
      • To change a file location, click Browse, and select a new location/file on your computer.
      • To change the name of the file that will be created, type a new file name in the Spreadsheet file name box, but leave the “.csv” extension.
    2. If you want to view the results immediately following the transfer, select Automatically open file in Excel (this appears as "Open file in External Application" if Excel is not installed on your computer).
    3. Click OK to transfer the data.
    Transfer to Online Logbook
    1. Click OK. The utility reads the backup file data and displays it in the Data Viewer.
    2. Follow the steps under Uploading Workouts to Your Online Logbook.