How to Use

Repairing Damaged LogCards

Occasionally, a LogCard may become corrupted. Examples of when this may occur include:

  • Using a LogCard with an older PM3 (this may result is a 39-4 error)
  • Using third-party software that accesses information on the LogCard
  • Removing a LogCard from the PM while the PM is writing information to the LogCard

Anytime the Concept2 Utility reads a LogCard, it will try to determine whether there is an error on the LogCard. It will attempt to automatically repair the LogCard if an error is encountered. If the Concept2 Utility is attempting to repair a multi-user LogCard, it may require some assistance from you in identifying which workouts belong to which user. If this occurs, the utility will display a group of workouts and ask you to identify the user to which the workouts belong. (You will have an opportunity to preview the fixes before writing the corrected data to the LogCard.) If you cannot determine the correct user, click I cannot determine the user to stop the repair process. You can attempt the repair process again at a later date when you have determined which workouts belong to which user.

Whenever the Concept2 Utility encounters an error on a LogCard, it automatically creates a backup file of the LogCard. This file is saved as an .lcb file, which stands for LogCard Backup. Each .lcb file that is automatically created due to an error on the LogCard includes a date/time stamp in the file name for your reference (for example, PM3LogCard 2005-10-07 170354.lcb). (The last set of numbers is the time stamp (hhmmss) in military format.) You can use the date/time stamp to differentiate these backup files from backup files you create with the Create Backup File option, as files created with the Create Backup File option do not automatically include the date/time stamp in the filename.

Following a LogCard repair, the utility may ask if you'd like to send your data to Concept2 for analysis. Any data sent to Concept2 is used to understand what problems are occurring and what solutions to implement to improve the product. If you choose to send data, you will also have the opportunity to include comments and your email address. Inclusion of this information does not guarantee that Concept2 will contact you. (If you are trying to get help with your LogCard, follow the instructions under Getting Help when Your LogCard cannot be Repaired.) Concept2 does not disclose this information to anyone other than Concept2 engineering staff and contracted software developers.

Getting Help when Your LogCard cannot be Repaired

In some cases, the Concept2 Utility may not be able to repair a LogCard. If this occurs, you will need some assistance from Concept2. To help us help you, please create a .zip file of any backup files automatically created by the Concept2 Utility, and email that .zip file to While Concept2 cannot guarantee that we will be able to repair your LogCard, we will do our very best to assist you.