How to Use

Erasing Workouts

This option allows you to bulk-delete workouts for a specific user on the LogCard. You can delete all the workouts for a specific user, or only those workouts prior to a date you specify. Erasing workouts with the Concept2 Utility (vs with a PM3 or PM4) frees up space on the LogCard. The Lifetime Meters on the LogCard will be maintained after erasing workouts in this manner. We recommend creating a backup file of the LogCard before using this option.

  1. Connect your PM or card reader to your computer and insert your LogCard into it.
  2. On the main Concept2 Utility window, click Maintain Users > Erase Workouts, and follow any prompts displayed by the Concept2 Utility. The utility will read the LogCard and display a list of all the users on the LogCard.
  3. Select the user whose workouts you want to erase.
  4. Select a deletion method (all or prior to a specific date). If you chose the date-specific method, enter the date before which workouts will be deleted.
  5. Click OK. The Concept2 Utility will display the user whose workouts will be deleted along with the number of workouts that will be deleted.
  6. Click OK to confirm the deletion.